balance and boundaries

As an adult you come to a place where you learn how valuable it is to have balance and boundaries. In relationships one person may get their physical, mental, and emotional needs met. While the other person is in a sense “just there.” That isn’t balance. You work for a company that makes you feel as though the work you do is more mentally/physically draining; than the fulfillment you gain from being there. That’s not balance. Good balance feels like you’re getting just as much as you’re putting in. That doesn’t mean there’s a magic 50/50 rule. But it does mean that your efforts in wherever your placing your time and attention, isn’t done in vain and can fulfill you in the process. Boundaries are good because it lets people know your personal limits and what’s out of your comfort zone. The average adult knows a person’s standard personal limits out of simple respect. But what about beyond that? What are your boundaries? What makes you uncomfortable? How do you handle people that cross or try to cross your boundaries? Take a few moments and reflect on this. What in your life isn’t balanced right now, what will make it balanced and more fulfilling? What personal boundaries do you have? That doesn’t mean with just in relationships, but it means with co-workers, family, and friends also. Getting in tune with these things will help you grow in your relationships with people and grow your sense of self. -Lori G. Clark

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