Be Humble

Be Humble

Humility is powerful and critical to our growth and development.  It is a modest or low view of your own importance and freedom from pride or arrogance. Having a spirit of humility is a bridge to building trust and facilitating learning.  Humility is essential in leadership and our personal development.  As leaders in our homes, jobs, spiritually, and socially, there are many ways in which we can cultivate humility to enhance our lives and the lives of others.  Spending time actively listening to others, practicing gratitude, practicing mindfulness, seeking feedback regularly, and asking for help when you need it are ways that we can actively practice humility. 

Some may view the practice of humility as weakness or subservient behavior.  I would argue that humility places you in a position of strength through the practice of respecting and appreciating others. It cultivates our inner strength and builds our self-confidence, reducing the need for external recognition and validation.  When you are no longer reliant upon external recognition or validation, you are operating at a very powerful level.  Be the example!

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