Be Inspired

Be inspired

Be inspired – 

Don’t be afraid to get inspiration from everywhere! Find it in everything, everywhere, just roll around in it once you get it! lololol Get it from the beauty of the world, nature, just everything everywhere! Enjoy it and make good use of it yall! I noticed with my own self how easy it is to lose sight and lose track of all the blessings that we get everyday, no matter what or what size they are, ranging from small or massive.  A beautiful inspiration, whether it is the sun or sky,  the air, the water, waking up to life, breathe where we are truly inspired.  It is a gift and carries so much positive energy.  It is truly amazing! Just listening/reading some GREAT books that will take you on a journey of improve or continued self-development is a blessing.  Allowing these inspirations to share their message with you being that sponge.  Be the sponge to soak it all up! 

In order to be motivated and share motivation, we must share our energy as well.  It is truly a part of your purpose or passion to do so! I absolutely understand more than ever what it all really means.  All of the training, inspiration, all of the lessons.  It is all so very important even if it is just to reach back for just one.  Talking to any audience even if none shows up!  We are here for it together.  This mindset comes in handy especially when we are having a tough go at it and we are not sure what to make of it or if it is even possible to get on the other side of anything.  Remember to draw deep from your own belly and try to remember what was said here.  

Draw for inspiration and be inspired, motivated, and know you can do this, you matter and nothing that they say or said could prosper! You are magnificent and blessed.  Always remember you power and it lies in you knowing how incredible and valuable you are! 

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