Be Joyful Always!


Hey, YOU……yes YOU! We’ll get through this!

Around this time of the year, the Holiday Season…..is meant to be JOYOUS and CELEBRATORY in honor of Jesus’s Birthday!

Yet it’s quite the opposite for those individuals who have lost a loved one or just-so-happened to have had bad experiences around this time and as a result, there’s negativity associated with the Holiday Season……

BUT…it doesn’t have to be that way, whatsoever. Just by FLIPPING THAT SWITCH in your MIND could be a total GAMECHANGER for you……Instead of focusing on your loved one not being physically there…..do something that’ll serve as a constant reminder of that loved one being there spiritually such as playing his or her favorite Christmas songs or prepare their favorite dish in honor of them…….

These are just a few ways in which you can still be JOYOUS in remembrance of them!

And always REMEMBER that you are never alone, for our dear LORD and savior will ALWAYS be with you!

We love you and God bless you all🙏🏽

“Change your Thoughts, Change your Life, Change your WORLD”


Shalbe Adams
Life Coach
Virtuous Divinity Life Coaching 💖

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