Be Kind To You

Attention!!!! Be mindful of what you say to yourself about yourself.  Self-criticism is an easy habit to get in.  Does this sound familiar:  ‘I am not worthy, I am not enough, I am going to be laughed at or despised or looked down on or found out’?

You cannot let this be the real voice that speaks to you.  Find or create a voice that is kind and loving.  Self-criticism is an old thought pattern that is the opposite of self-care.

I want to challenge you to write down every time you say something negative about yourself or something you wouldn’t say to a friend.  Writing it down will help you pay attention to how often you do it.  Once you are aware, you can start to cut down this habit.

Just in case you are wondering if making people laugh at your expense is acceptable, perhaps if you are a paid comedian. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter if you are being self-deprecating and trying to make people laugh.  Even if you think you are funny while putting yourself down, you are still eroding your confidence.  You will start to believe what you are saying about yourself and create your reality.  Would you make someone else the butt of a joke by pointing out their flaws? If you wouldn’t do that to someone else, don’t do it to yourself.

Once you have written down your self-critical thought or what you said, think, what could you say about yourself differently?  What can you say that’s good instead?

Don’t worry. This type of self-care isn’t bragging.  Telling yourself good things about yourself is not the same as crowing others about how fabulous you are.  Those people who crave recognition from the outside are often the least confident on the inside.

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