Be Still

We broke up! Now what? The best thing to do is to be still for awhile. Don’t rush into another relationship to distract yourself. You need to allow yourself time and space to heal. Relationships whether they’re toxic or just not a good fit for you need to be anazyled. Ask yourself what you could have done differently in the relationship or if you shouldn’t be involved with the person in general.

When you slow down and be still after the ending of a relationship, job or friendship we can learn so much about yourself. 

But if you ignore your emotions and jump into something new without being able to heal, you’re just setting yourself up for another disappointment. 

It’s best to look at the entirety of the situation, take responsibility for your actions and make sure you are healthy before moving forward. 

Too often we can look at two individuals that were once together and clearly see who was the problem based upon who took the time to seek healing. The other is singing the “blame song” and jumps right into another situationship.

Take time to love on yourself, seek counseling or coaching, pick up a new hobby or change a few things in your diet. 

Love will wait while you heal ♥ 

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