Be You

Today I thought, “They will talk about me anyway, may as well be myself.” For many years I lived in the world to be someone I wasn’t, at times it was fun and I did what I thought I needed to do to feel good. Other times, it was the hardest battle being a square in a round whole so to speak. I found myself falling and crying often, laughing and joking in hopes of fitting in…trying hard to be around those I thought were the people I should be around. Man, it was straining pretending and trying to be me at the same time. Somehow I thought it would be better to be with the people that seemed better than me, greater, more popular amongst the secular environment or any environment for that matter. I lost myself during the process and man it has not been an easy task rediscovering who I am. I can say that it has been great to know Whose I am as this knowledge and understanding is the aid in my redevelopment. If this means I have to suffer, what I feared for so long but still experienced it, being talked about, have at it! I love myself! And I’m glad I do because loving myself allows me to better love you. So be you. Understand what it means to truly be your authentic self. No more hiding or pretending. There is no thing wrong with you! No Thing!

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