Staying positive through the holidays.

The holiday season can sometimes be an emotional rollercoaster for those of us who have lost loved ones or experienced tragedies during this time of year. 

A few tips that help me when I’m feeling down:

1) Remember the fun times and laughter you shared with those who are no longer with us. 

2) Think of other people who are in need, volunteer and give to a great cause that fills you with joy.

3) Focus on your health/wellness, eat right, move more, drink plenty of water, and get your rest.  Most importantly, if you need to talk to a professional do so.

4) Pursue any self-development goals, i.e. enroll in that class, read that book, apply for that position you’ve been thinking about all year.

5) Treat yourself to any self-care needs you’ve been neglecting. Schedule a massage and/or facial, mani-pedi, get a new hairstyle or outfit.

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