Beautiful isn’t always pretty

I was born into a society where a dark skinned, skinny baby with kinky brown hair was not considered desirable or beautiful.  Colorism is still an issue today but things are shifting especially with the crowning of Miss Universe 2019.  She is a dark skinned South African girl with short kinky hair.  She looks nothing like the previous three South African winners who have fair skin and long dark hair.  I can relate to the cyber bullying and hate messages that came through after she was crowned the most beautiful woman in the Universe.  She came through with such dignity.  She won me over with her joyful personality and her courage to remain calm despite all the insults.  I strongly believe that she has a life coach who helps her deal with all the pressure.  We all need guidance in life so we can avoid saying things to retaliate.  We must be aware that our words and actions have a lasting impact.  They could make or break our careers and public image.

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