Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder. Who is the beholder?

YOU are Beautiful! Yes you:)

Beauty has been said to be in the eye of the beholder and in many ways, this is true to an extent.  However, this beholder is often seen through the subjective lens of others.

How about you starting to behold your own beauty even more? This goes back to self love.  Your “beauty” may not be everyone’s proverbial cup of tea. And that is perfectly alright. 

You were not born to please others.  You were born to please you and do you.

As long as you are happy with you all is well.  Who cares about what others think to an extent? Always looking for validation outward contributes to seeking your sense of value externally.

How about you start to validate yourself and your choices more and more? It is okay to seek guidance from others every now and then.  Let your primary source of validation come from you. Anything else is extra;)

You are beautiful.  You are precious. You are divinely magnificent in your own way.  Be your #1 cheerleader and support system.


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