Become a fluent faith speaker- how your words can change your life

You can't speak the problem and expect the solution, but speak the solution (God's Word) to your problem until it's no longer a problem anymore!

Our words can activate things to happen in our lives, especially when we believe in what we are saying. I titled chapter 6, the language of victory in my book The Master Reset- A girl’s ultimate guide to freeing up space on her spiritual hard drive I write about using our words. For example, you can turn your mountains into mole hill simply by speaking about the solution instead of the problem. You can also use your words to praise and thank God instead of complaining or criticizing about yourself, someone else, or the situation.

A 2005 study said women speak a little over 16,000 words a day. However, if you were to examine the 16,000 words you speak under a microscope and go through those words with a fine-tooth comb, how many of your words, conversations, or phrases are positive and how many are negative? 

Another study said that most of the words we speak are negative and that coincides with scripture when it says death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Although the average person may speak more negatively than positively, we as believers must remind ourselves that because our redeemer lives, we can reverse this for ourselves and train ourselves to speak more life and no death by speaking the language of victory. 

What we say and believe we will see, good or bad. So, ask yourself, do you like what you see before you as you examine your life? If you do praise God, keep doing what you are doing and thank God for His continued blessings and mercy, however if your life can use some improvement, I recommend fine tuning your speech to align with scripture. If you want your life to look different, you must see differently in your mind. Biblical meditation will help your mind’s eyes see better. Think about your favorite scripture, write out your favorite scripture, or think of your favorite biblical story and know that the same way God delivered, defended, supplied, and fought for that person, He’ll also do for you.

How to speak the language of victory:

  1. Thank God for what you have now and praise Him for what you want that is not yet seen
  2. When talking to others, brag about how good God is, not how bad your situation is
  3. Find comfort in your favorite scripture or biblical story if it’s in God’s Word, it’s true and if God did it for that person, He’s more than able to do the same for you.

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