Becoming Unstuck

Have you ever felt you were in a cycle of stagnation? Well, I use to be in that very place.In this post I share three steps which helped me become unstuck.

I have been doing a series on my IG Live called,  ‘Becoming Unstuck’.

I can remember when I was in a cycle of constant procrastination. I was running in circles of stagnation. Afraid to move forward into my purpose. Afraid to move forward into the things God had called me to do.

I know many people are in this very place. Let me share with you a few things which helped move past this place.

Step One: I began to see myself unstuck. I began to envision who I wanted to become. I started examining where I wanted to be. I started thinking about where I wanted to go 

Step Two: I became unbothered. I started to value what I knew to be true over the opinions of others. I began the process of becoming delivered from people. I stopped focusing on what they thought and started walking in what I knew.

Step Three: I simply started trusting what God had placed inside of me. I started agreeing with what his word said about me. I started valuing who I already was.

By no means is this an exhausted list of things I did to take me from stagnation to celebration. I now celebrate who I have became and who I am becoming.

“Becoming Unstuck “

Coach Co


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