Being Single

When I speak, I do that from experience in all areas of expertise in my coaching. Being single is a blessing not a curse, especially if you look at it with the right mindset. It doesn’t benefit you when you’re miserable about being single. You may have been in a toxic relationship, a situation-ship, and you may be a widow or a widower.

Many times, people don’t take the proper time to feel, deal, and heal after a relationship with someone has ended. This often leads to recreating the same relationship dynamic from the previous relationship, thereby bringing it into the new relationship they are getting into. And what happens often is that it’s still the same relationship dynamic, but with another person. Most times when you are not aware of what you are doing in a relationship, you haven’t taken the time to feel, deal with, and heal from the end of the relationship (process everything after your breakup).

You miss out on the lessons that can be learned from your experience in that relationship, and the experiences that we have with people. There is a saying that you must do something different in life to get something you’ve never had in life, this statement applies to relationships as well. Each person in a relationship makes mistakes, and if we don’t learn from our mistakes, we end up repeating them. 

My goal is for each of my clients to find happiness and contentment in being single, and this can only happen when we adjust our mindsets. Whether you are currently single, or soon to be single, let me show you what things to focus on while you’re single, and these things will prepare you for the love you deserve when you return to the dating world. I can’t wait to coach you through this time in your life, help you see the blessing that being single really is. You will be better equipped to re-enter a relationship with more self awareness and consciousness in the future!

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