Beliefs Affect Behavior

There’s a saying that I’m sure you all have heard of “You are what you think”. I agree totally with this saying because our thoughts often lead us to do things and say things that we would rather not do or say. Our actions are a response to what has manifested in our minds and in our hearts. Our behaviors tend to correlate with our emotions and feelings.

For example, if you feel down and out, you more than likely will respond in a depressed manner or become numb to everything that is happening to you and around you. If you believe that life is unfair and there is no point of trying, you may never get to a higher level than where you’re currently at.

The labels that we tend to give ourselves because of our past continues to hold us captive and robs us of a bright future. Our actions become a mirror of our thoughts and stunts our growth.

If you can relate to this, I urge you to do an inventory and put together an action plan of changing your beliefs. Once you begin to think differently and in a positive way, you will soon begin to see your behavior change in a positive way.

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