Benefits of Meditation


Oh how Meditation and I have such a beautiful relationship! We are inseparable…..

On the nights when my anxiety is at an all time high and there you are, swooping in to save the day….(or shall I say night rather)😅….

Or in the mornings, when my mind is running at a 1000mph, thinking of all the tasks I have to compete for the day…….you are there as a reminder for me to just stop and breathe….

Oh how I love how we’ve created self affirmations just for me and how you’ve taught me to simply love….ME💖

Thank you my sweet, sweet mediatation! I could never repay you for the number of times you’ve saved me from the storms that were created in my mind……..🤯😌

And now, I have to share you with my clients, with the WORLD because they need you too! I guess I don’t mind sharing you….🙄🥰

Send me a personal message for more information on how MEDITATION can help YOU through one of my LIFE TRANSFORMING programs! 💖💫

Remember….Change your Thoughts, Change your Life, Change your WORLD

I love you guys!


Shalbe Adams
Founder & CEO
Personal Development Coach
Virtuous Divinity Life Coaching 💕

Instagram: @virtuousdivinitylc

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