Benefits of the Sauna

Read about all the beneficial health benefits that come from using a sauna!

Heat therapy is so beneficial for your health. If you’re anything like me, you love getting in the sauna after a good workout, but I bet there’s a lot you didn’t know about the benefits of using the sauna on a regular basis. Here are some benefits that the sauna can provide for your health, appearance, and energy.

1. Detox
As you sweat intensely in the sauna, your body is ridding itself from all the toxins. If you ever want to get rid of sodium, lactic acid or uric acid, the sauna is a great way. It helps improve circulation, which is vital for your entire body to function at it’s best.

2. Improved Endurance
When you stay in the sauna for 15-30 minutes, you will notice your heartbeat increase. This is a form of cardio, without actually doing the work! Umm, yes please! If you use the sauna regularly, you are doing cardio regularly, which in turn improves your endurance and metabolism.

3. Better Skin/Hair
Since you are sweating tremendously, you are unclogging your pores. The more you clean out your pores, the better and more clear your skin will appear. Since the sauna improves blood circulation, that includes circulation around your scalp; resulting in improved, more rapid hair growth.


4. Stress Relief
Staying in the sauna for 15-30 minutes and blocking out the world is a form of therapy. You will come out feeling refreshed, less stressed and get a boost of energy.
Tip: Add oil to your skin to sweat more

5. Decreased Heart Disease
Heart disease is one of the top death related diseases. A study has been conducted and shows that people who use the sauna decrease their chances of heart disease by up to 20% (depending how many times you use it). It makes sense since it is a form of a workout and you are increasing blood flow in your body. It will help your entire body function better.

6. Decreases Muscle Soreness/Recovery
Your muscles will get sore from time to time if you are active/body building. Since the sauna increases blood flow, this will aid in muscle recovery and help with muscle building.


7. Fight Illness
Regular sauna use can help decrease exposure to cold/fever/influenza. As you use the sauna regularly, your body produces white blood cells more rapidly, which in turn helps fight illness/viruses. Saunas can also relieve symptoms like congestion from colds/allergies.


8. Improved Sleeping

Many people struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep. The release of endorphins while in the sauna aids your sleep cycle. The elevated temperature from the sauna decreases at bedtime, which helps you fall/stay asleep.


9. Therapy
Being in the sauna will relieve stress, making your body function better, which in turn will make you feel better. It’s therapeutic for your body and mind. Normal use will result in amazing long-term benefits.

10. Improved Digestion
Better circulation results in better digestion. The heat keeps your organs working better, since you are pumping blood faster during your sauna session. Improving digestion is the best thing you can do for your body, which will make you feel more energized and stronger.



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