Better Choices Lead to a Better You

What is the anatomy of a choice, and what role does it play in our overall healing?

What is the anatomy of a choice? In this case, we will refer to it as the art of separating parts of a decision in-order to understand why we make the choices that we make, and why we should review the cause-and-effect scenario.  When we choose to allow certain people into our lives, it can be considered as a reflection of who we are at that time. There is an age-old saying: “birds of a feather, flock together”. This saying can cover a range of situations, relationships, and friendships. But to look at it in terms of trauma – many women bond with others that have faced similar events. For the woman that is trying recover from life wounds, this attachment could impede the process. When any level of healing is required for a woman to regain her self-esteem and personal power, it is vital that she seek and surround herself with people that have overcome trials in life and have built endurance. By bonding with people that are in the same boat – so to speak, provides little strength to draw from. While we recognize their situation and will support their growth (if they are committed to moving forward), making the right choice in association adds value and can provide the needed encouragement and momentum beneficial for long-term recovery. 

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