BEYOND the Point of Wellness

When you’re in a relationship and you no longer feel at your best in their presence or after an encounter this is an internal wellness message. Your mind, body and spirit are giving you an alarm. Oftentimes, when we care for someone, we have the tendency to ignore the signs either because we are longing to be in a relationship, or we have deep feelings for the person. In this situation, it’s very easy to “cloud our own judgement”. We may convince ourselves that we need to change something in order to please the other person. We may change our appearance, our style of clothing and even hide our intelligence or abilities to some degree.

This can happen to both women and men. Because of our internal need to be loved and wanted, the limit to which some may go to conform is not surprising. In the era of “Beauty and Physical Attractiveness” relationship competition is at an all-time high.  However, if your relationship is toxic to the point that your physical health is deteriorating, don’t remain in an abusive relationship BEYOND the point of wellness. If for any reason you no longer feel safe, secure, and emotionally sound in their presence or after an intimate encounter, trust your intuition and take the necessary action to safely end the relationship. Remember, what’s at stake.

Ask yourself the hard questions:  What is this relationship doing for my self-esteem? Am I being built up, or torn down? Do they make me feel anxious, sad, uncomfortable, or angry? How you feel is a large part of your overall wellness, if at any time your relationship is making you sick, this is a key indicator that it’s time to accept that this person is not the person for you. 

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