Beyond the Surface

Have you ever felt like your back was against the wall with no way out and no direction? THIS THING CALLED LIFE, RIGHT! 

Have you ever loved someone more than you loved yourself? 

I have too.

Have you ever dealt with the unspoken word (MISCARRIAGE) and didn’t feel yourself but still had to face the world as if you were okay, but you were falling apart at the seams, hiding behind a smile, counting down the time till you can unravel, and let the tears fall?

I have too.

Think about all you have endured and thought you wouldn’t survive or smile again. But it’s because of all of those same things you started the work to AWAKEN you and to smile within. The love you wanted and craved all along was there from the beginning of your existence, and it’s because of His love you are growing, glowing, healing, and loving YOU. 

The darkness brought the LIGHT, and you are Light!


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