Big Vs. Small Limiting Beliefs

"Let's talk more about SMALL limiting beliefs...however small it is, there is a meaning assigned to it that is not serving you...

Really, nothing is BIG or small, says the universal law of relativity.

But if it is there, and it is limiting, it’s worth so much of our peace and progress to get it out of the way.

So, whether big or small do the work to get them out of the way.


Start by exploring those small annoyances and inconveniences.

Why are they so frequent? And consistent.

If something is frequent and persistent and it causes resistance or discomfort, it’s something you must address.


Why does something so small affect you so much?

Well, because however small it is, there is a meaning assigned to it that is not of service to your Highest Self.


Small limiting belief can look like:

Feelings you have around the clothes you DO and DON’T wear.

Reluctant feelings about asking for favors or for help when you need it.

Things you “just don’t like” or get under your skin- even if they seem minor.


Our own limitations also rear their heads within the critical attitude we may secretly have about other people.

Is there a way you would NEVER dress, wear your hair, or do your makeup?


Any of these types of examples can point to a limiting belief.


So, do any of your own come to mind?


Many of those feelings and ways of being are SO valid. But the truth is, those ways of being are old, they don’t truly PROTECT us (even though our brain thinks they do) and they ONLY hold us back.


Journal about these experiences and begin to uproot those small limiting beliefs.

Small shifts make a BIG difference in your world.

Understanding WHY will bring you so much peace and newly uncovered freedom.


One of the best feelings I know is of having personal AH-HA or eureka moments where it’s just me, understanding myself a little bit more.


I hope you have many of those beautiful moments too.


🤍 To your Peace, Progress & Purpose 

Dorothy Marie

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