Blame – Mirror – Character – Freedom

How do you behave when you have an issue? Do you blame others? Do you say it is your mom, boyfriend, boss, brother or dog’s fault? Do you continue to take the same life test often or over and over again? Do you wonder why you take the same test? Do you say this always happens to me? They always treat me bad?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions. This blog is for you. Believe it or not the answer is very simple.

Do you really want to know why these scenarios continue to play out in your life? Are you ready for the truth? Do you want to change the outcomes to these scenarios?

Okay. If you are truly ready I will tell you.

The answer is….You. Yes You.

You are the reason these issues, scenarios, and difficulties continue to happen.

There is one word that will help you understand what you need to improve for a better mindset and life.

The word is Character. Yes Character.

Let’s pause.

Take a moment to write 4 of your positive character traits and 4 areas of needs improvement/weaknesses.

The weaknesses list is where you need to start working. This is and will be challenging self work. It is easier to point a finger but you didn’t notice that 3 fingers are pointing back at you. It is easier to blame everyone and not take responsibility and look at yourself.

But if you want positivity and happiness in your life you must look at your character flaws now.

Let’s say you are impatient. Your excuse is that it is your father’s fault.¬†¬†You blame him for all of the behavior and consequences your impatient character flaws has caused you.

Well…You can continue to blame others or you can participate in counseling to unpack the baggage.¬† If you do this. You are giving yourself a gift. You can forgive your father and yourself and move forward with your life.

You will help yourself to be free.

Freeing yourself from your past pain is the way to create and build new healthy character.

Do you have anger issues? Be honest. Most of us do. Anger can be a detrimental emotion that can cause a lot of anguish in our lives.

Holding your dad, girlfriend, or cousin emotionally hostage for hurting you will not help. Healing will begin when you decide to release the anger.

You must confront your character flaws and issues.

This will be life transforming. You will be able to show up better in your life. Your work and personal relationships will improve. You will feel better about yourself.

Evaluating your character is a difficult task but you have to be willing and ready to do the self work.

This is the best gift you can give to yourself.

You deserve to be happy.

Make a commitment today. To help heal yourself by evaluating your character flaws and getting help.


Coach Tee

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