Blessings & Faith

Right now in this very moment I got another definition of what Faith is! It’s to truly surrender and walk thru the unknown even in such fear.  I don’t want to live my life like that. Always afraid. Always worrying about each step I take.  I really am an Empath and I think I will always be that way. A deep feeler, knower and thinker.  It’s one of the truest parts of my personality.  I love it, really all aspects of me I do love in a healthy way!    It comes with tough decisions that are hard to ignore… When I started out, it wasn’t this mean and somehow it took a turn… However, with Faith and blessings I have been indeed loved… All things man made seem to have an element of meanest to it.. Therefore, the truest testimony of such things as Blessings and Faith is the one that is experienced by a person truly and individually. It’s so important to remember that.  We do need support, understanding most importantly respect. People try to humble you and sway you to their side.  I’m not sure who is wrong or right, but I absolutely try my best to respect it all. I find it brings in an abundance that’s unimaginable.  The trails I been thru throughout my life has brought my faith up so much… just reinforced it… Even still I find at times I shake in my boots and worry… but I know everything will be alright and hopefully will put me in alignment with the rest.

Do you have a testimony on Faith and blessings?

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