Blind with sight?

John 9:1-12 is such a glorious passage.  It is a passage not only about blindness in the literal sense but blindness in the figurative sense.  As Jesus fled a situation of men attempting to stone him to death, He passed by a man who was blind from birth.  And Jesus healed him. The man was blind to his physical surroundings but not blind to the light of Jesus Christ.  



Conversely, how many of us have sight but are blind to the light of Jesus Christ?  I used to be blind until Jesus showed me the light figuratively as he did the man literally.  As Christians, we cannot pass by without sharing the good news with the blind – even while under persecution during trying times.  We must share the light of the world.  Jesus died for us on the cross and washed away our sins.  Repent, turn away from sin and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior today.  (And if you don’t know how, book a session with me!)

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