Bloom, please

I think often times we forget who we are. We forget that we matter to ourselves because we’re so caught up on finding our person. Sometimes it gets to a point where we think that one person we’ve known for years is that person. Meanwhile we’ve been ignoring the signs. Ignoring those pesky red flags because we think that they’re actually pink is one of the main reasons why we forget who we are. I remember holding on to an old lover despite him saying multiple times that he didn’t want a relationship with me. I remember still trying to be cordial because of mutual friends. I remember not remembering who I was before the relationship even started. Silly me to have forgotten, me. To be so scared of the what if’s, to be afraid that he was the only person that would really get me. I get me, and I always have. I matter, you matter, and because of that, those pesky signs do too. So, if you peep game on someone early, don’t brush it off. Remember who you are and keep it moving.

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