We become HAPPIER. Much HAPPIER, when we realize that Life is an OPPORTUNITY rather than an OBLIGATION. ~Mary Augustine BLOOM where you are Planted!

“Bloom where you are planted.” ~ The Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales (1567-1622) is credited with this quote,

The expression “bloom where you‘re planted” means a person should take advantage of the opportunities they have in their life and be grateful for the present situation. Oftentimes, if you are unhappy with where you‘re at in life, you may struggle with this notion.

Living in challenging and undesirable circumstances does not mean all hope is lost. The sun will still rise and set regardless of what is happening around us. Recognizing the silver lining in our life and having an attitude of gratitude allows us to push beyond our challenges and to achieve growth in circumstances that are not favorable.

When challenges are conquered, and you consistently move forward with your goals, purpose, and passion count that as success. Success because you have found a way to Bloom and move forward under difficult circumstances. Each of us must look inward and realize that we are capable of blooming under various circumstances. Your situation may not be ideal now but that is okay tough times doesn’t last forever. Instead of expecting change quickly we must learn to change our thinking and trust the process and not let small things get the best of our mental state. Like the eye at the center of a tornado, keep your tranquility even when the world around you is swirling.

We must be like the flower that blooms under concrete and emerges to the surface defying nature. Yes, we can bloom through the concrete of this life. The contrast of a delicate flower blooming in concrete is a testament that there is ALWAYS a way.

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