Body Talk: How I Discovered the Significance in Self Care

A recount of how I learned why taking care of self is just as critical as taking care of others.

Are you neglecting or nurturing your self care?

At times, our body will give us an answer that our mouth isn’t ready to confess.

After being on the go for days in preparation for a major event, I found myself at the point of exhaustion. So much so, my body shut down at the most inconvenient of times.

As I rose, I was quickly reminded of every obligation that had been compromised and every task that was still pending completion. The panic swarmed over my body, but was then followed by a sense of peace.

Why, you may ask? Because I realized that my body was reminding me that I was no longer a priority.

Understand that we cannot give to others what we don’t have to offer.

Pouring from a depleted cup will not only compromise your own well being, but also how effective you are at contributing to someone else’s.

As I become more in tune with the messages that my body sends, I remind myself that self care doesn’t mean that I have to sacrifice success. As a matter of fact, self care is what substantiates success.

If you are anything like me, you may experience minor anxiety when you are told to care for you. Here are some quick tips I implement to manage self but still manage my responsibilities:

  1. Implement 15 minutes segments away from everything. Don’t check your phone or email. Don’t think about what you have to send to someone. Take several minutes to just be present in your peace.
  2. Be comfortable with saying No to overwhelming requests. Stretching your quantity will eventually lead to you sacrificing your quality. Sometime the best way we can support the success of others is by stepping back when we are beyond capacity.
  3. Stop predicating your self worth based on the opinion of others. Every person has their own perspective. Why become a slave to perception when there is freedom in purpose? Find the peace in knowing that everyone doesn’t have to validate you for you to bring value.

If you are challenged at times with making time for yourself, consider this affirmation from my book Destined for Greatness:

“I will treat myself as priority instead of an option”


That vacation you wanted to take but haven’t because it has been so busy? Take it!

That spa day you wanted to book but was afraid that you might need the money to help someone? Book it!

That nap you wanted to take but was afraid you might miss something? Do It!

Life is too short to constantly operate in a state of deprivation. Without recharge, there are no results.

No matter how minor or major, take some time today to recharge!

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