Boundary Violator

We all know the office violator, who ignores the rules and insists on making their poor planning your emergency. Here are a few tips to help you deal with that individual.


!. The email timer, this person will send an email and then call you within five minutes and ask if you have read the message.


2.The space invader. Guilty of walking over and asking if you have read the message and will insist that you review the request while in your presence.


3.The status bully. This person will call or text and say the higher-ups need to have the answer quickly. They use fear and intimidation as their tactics.


All of these violators need handling. The key is having a plan in place before they approach you with their demands.


Tip one – Have a prepared response. For example, thank you for calling I appreciate the reminder. I have a few competing priorities to handle first. I will get to your email soon and send you a response. Thank you for calling. 


Tip two – Get up and excuse yourself, state you are going to take a biological break, this will force the space violator to wait for your return.


Tip three – When the invader uses the power play, flip it back. Let them know you appreciate the information. Here are a couple of script replies.


Thank you for letting me know the General Manager needs the information. I will copy him/her on my response. As soon as I finish this project, I can focus on your request. I am going to get back to work now so I can meet all of my project deadlines.


Do you need help with setting boundaries? Let’s schedule a meeting and equip you with power statements and tools to handle the violator.

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