Brace Yourself For The Blessings

It may seem as if your work has gone unnoticed and that you can’t go on. No one seems to care about your purpose but you and the more you build, the more your fall. Well, I’m here to tell you that your work is not in vain and your blessings will soon come.

Nothing comes easy and you must work for the things that you truly want. The foundation has to be laid, the time has to be put in, and the most important thing is that you must be willing to make sacrifices. If everything was handed to us, we wouldn’t appreciate the blessings. We would take for granted the new levels and heights that we are now at.

Be patient and know that there’s a process to everything. Keep pushing because you will soon reap your harvest. And when that harvest comes in, you will thank God that you laid the proper foundation.

Reflection: Name something that you’ve been working hard at. How are you managing your emotions throughout the process?

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