Breakdown Before Breakthrough

You may be wondering when you will get a chance to show the world your gifts and talents. People have told you that your hard work will pay off. Keep working and be consistent. Don’t stop believing in your purpose. This is true because if you don’t continue laying the foundation, your dreams may never come true.

During the building of your foundation, you will experience a breakdown. Don’t think that this breakdown is meant to destroy you, but it’s meant to prepare you for what’s ahead. Just like in working out and lifting weights, your muscles must breakdown in order for new and stronger muscle fibers to grow. Once those muscles break down and then build up, you will have a new strength that you’ve never imagined.

No one wants to experience the painful journey before they reach the mountaintop of success, but it’s a necessity. You must embrace, endure, and know that the breakdown must come before the breakthrough.

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