Breaking Free from Breaking News: How to Emancipate from Premature Announcements

A blog discussing the dangers of being addicted to making announcements to the world without follow through. It will also provide some practical tips to make the focus back on the actual action.

Anticipation of change always feels better than the activation of change. ⁣

Going back to school. Getting those extra 30 pounds off. Going for a new promotion. Getting your LLC.⁣

It feels good to want to do it, but keep this in mind…⁣

These things we call feelings are temporary.⁣

What happens when those feelings of excitement shift to fear or doubt?⁣

What happens when you actually have to step outside of comfort and change your lifestyle?⁣

It leads to us starting things that we never have the capacity to stay with.⁣

How am I attacking this perpetual failure to launch?⁣

1. Building the foundation in silence. Opinions have historically kept me in a space of confusion and at times complacency. Gain clarity with outside perspective,  but never allow it to drive my choices.⁣

2. Knowing the difference between being seen as “winning” to actually being a person that is “winning.”  In other words, perception cannot matter more than the progress being made. If people push away because you aren’t in the spotlight during your space of growth, their intentions were never in the right place. Restrain from sharing too soon just for the purpose of validation. ⁣

3.  Prioritizing my level of commitment over my level of passion. Passion is sexy, but process many times isn’t. What I FEEL like doing in some cases is less important than what MUST be done. Develop the necessary discipline.⁣

Does that mean you have to keep everything to yourself? No!⁣

But check your patterns.⁣

Have you shared more what you are going to do or are you sharing more of what you have actually done?⁣

In this season, we are not just about the words. We are about the work! 

If you are ready to take on YOUR SEASON of work, make sure to book your session with me to help remove the mental roadblocks.

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