Build a Confidence You Can Be Proud Of.

To live the life of your dreams, you need to believe you can. That’s how you’re going to

be able to motivate yourself and work at changing your habits. Confidence isn’t

developed with self-doubt; it's belief. 

But your belief isn’t enough; work is expected to get confidence because it’s not a thing

that's learned like a set of rules. It takes action: practice, knowledge, a positive mindset

and mentors. The difference between you and a confident person is the belief in their

ability and experience. This doesn’t exclude mistakes happening; it’s also about problem

solving and decisions. 

Ways to Improve Your Confidence.

 Always be ready. Life is unpredictable. In the words of Forrest Gump, “Life is

like a box of chocolate; you never know what you’re going to get”. So if you don’t

plan, start now. There’s nothing better than preparedness for the expected and

the unexpected. 

 Experience; the best teacher. Alongside knowledge, this builds confidence.

Information changes situations but only through application. Remember when

you didn’t know what you do now? It was challenging earlier but today, you’re

not where you started because you learned.

 The can-do attitude. An optimistic mindset is the best tool anyone can ever

have. It’s that glimmer of hope that drives even the weakest to greatness.

Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right. Either way, it’s about what

you believe about yourself. 

 Remain composed. There may be times when you’ll get rattled by

circumstances. Don’t budge; this will come with a lot of practice but that’s how

you grow. What you know will be tested and remaining calm under pressure

gives room to manage situations.

 Shadow the leader. Don’t build your confidence alone. Have mentors or

colleagues and learn from them. Take notes on how they built themselves to

where you’re going. Surround yourself with confident people; it’s a definite way

to enhance your growth.

 Be disciplined. Make a decision and stick to it with the difficult things. Like

facing your fears, not on yourself with what others think, looking the part (your

outward appearance reflects how you see yourself), and building integrity. 

In the end, remember you are enough. Trust yourself. No matter the results because it

doesn’t take away your abilities. It gives you a chance to improve on a situation and that

in itself is confidence.


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