Building Confidence

Simple ways to build confidence.

Confidence is something that some individuals have, while others struggle in this area. Confidence is believing in yourself and having the ability to meet any challenge that life brings your way. Your level of confidence can also vary across different areas of your life. According to Psychology Today, confidence is an ability that can be improved over time. In order to improve your confidence, you have to put in the work. There are several ways to improve your confidence. Here are 5 ways to get started building your confidence:


1.     Rid yourself of negative people and environments. 

2.     Set goals that prepare you for your journey.

3.     Exercise…. It makes you feel good.

4.     Look the part. Your appearance and the clothes you wear make you feel good about yourself. 

5.     Think positive, negative thoughts will weigh you down. 


There have been different seasons of my life where I struggled with confidence but I made a decision to change my mindset. In order to change my mindset, there were people or environments that I needed to leave behind. I did just that. I intentionally positioned myself around individuals and environments that were positive. Another route not listed that I took to build my confidence was to become more knowledgeable in areas where I was not comfortable. Knowledge is a powerful tool.

Building confidence is another area that E & R Life Coaching is ready to assist you with. Are you ready?

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