Burning Desire

A love towards and passion for your goals is the primary determinant of success.


A love towards and passion for your goals is the primary determinant of success.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re engaged in an activity that you deeply enjoy, it’s quite easy to lose track of time. Hours of work can feel like minutes, days can blur into one another, and when you finish, you feel invigorated rather than drained. When a lot of people speak of their future plans, they speak not of personal goals, but of plans projected onto them by others, or what they feel are the obligatory steps to success. They speak of these plans with discouragement, trepidation, and sometimes even resentment and loathing.

All of the most successful people in the world, by whatever litmus they measure success, have one thing in common: passion. These people has a burning desire not just to see their goal come to fruition, but a deep passion for every step of the journey. They had a willingness to grow, a desire to learn, and an acceptance for any setbacks. Someone once said that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I didn’t always understand what that meant, but now I do. A labour of love feels different for the mind and body that toiling over seemingly endless, monotonous, soul-crushing work. So, what are you passionate about? It’s important to spend your life doing something that you love, because if you’re doing something that you hate, you’re spending your life doing that, too.

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