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This article originally appeared in the February 2016 issue of the Traveler newspaper, my first article as the writer who spotlights local African American businesses to the local community. The publisher asked that I introduce my business first.

An Introduction to the Business Spotlight

In 2015, Maggie Anderson, author of, “Our Black Year” The story of one family’s mission to buy black, was the speaker at an event I attended. I was so inspired (not only by what her family did but by the sacrifices and suffering) I wanted to do something tangible with that inspiration. So the Business Spotlight was born with the hope that, by highlighting minority-owned businesses, we as a community can help them grow. Business growth is also the foundational basis for my business, J.B. Virtual Administrative Services, which provides administrative, marketing, and sales support to small businesses/nonprofits.

The majority of my adult life, I worked a job with little to no opportunity for advancement in an industry that boxed me in. I loved my work but it was monotonous. I needed variety. Even after earning a degree, it wasn’t enough to break me free of that box. So I worked part-time on the side doing everything from tax preparation to cleaning offices, and I got involved in the community. But most of all I wanted to run my own business. I wanted to have the freedom to spread my wings and reach my full potential without having to get someone’s stamp of approval or permission. My accomplishments would not be limited by what someone else allowed me to put on my resume. So I began to view my job as a means to a different end—providing for my family until I get a business off the ground. I explored several different options, tested the waters a few times, trying to figure out what kind of business to start, and then I got laid off.

A lay-off was NOT part of my plans. I had never been laid off before. I mourned that job for about six months not knowing what to do with myself. Then it dawned on me that this was not a bad thing. It was a blessing. I no longer had to worry about punching a clock, being written up for being late or missing too many days. If I hadn’t been laid off, how long would it have taken me to actually start my own business job? That layoff turned out to be the best thing for me. God knew I needed a swift kick. Six months later, I started J.B. Virtual Administrative Services (and six months after that I added J.B. Notarial Services as a subsidiary in the mortgage industry). J.B. Virtual Administrative Services was started to provide much needed support services to small business owners (including nonprofits) on a contractual basis for short-term projects or on retainer.

Having worked in a large organization, I learned the higher the position you hold the greater the responsibilities. Large businesses recognize leaders (the presidents, CEOs, and department heads) need administrative support to help manage the organizations resources. The people who provide that administrative support collaborate with the customers, employees, and suppliers on behalf the organization on a day-to-day basis.

Small business owners have the same responsibilities and the same needs as leaders in large organizations. As small businesses grow, the responsibilities and needs grow. Successful growth requires focus for constant forward movement. If you are the sole leader of a small business, consider the following quote from one of my favorite books, The E-Myth Contractor.

“As your business grows, it naturally changes. And as it changes from a little business to something much bigger, you will begin to feel out of control…. That leaves you two choices: Grow as big as your business demands you grow, or try to hold your business at its present level. At the level you feel most comfortable.”

Any business/nonprofit that wants to grow as big as their business demands can rely on J.B. Virtual Administrative Services for support. Consulting services are provided to help develop and document strategies. Support services focus on strategic implementation plans and carrying out those plans on a day-to-day basis.

The virtual doors of J.B. Virtual Administrative Services opened in 2009 focused on local business support and eventually expanded to businesses all over the United States. If your business is ready to grow as big as your business demands, contact Jannise at jannise@jbadminservices.com or (309) 550-5184.

Consider the possibilities!

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