Business Tip #1

Organization is a very important skill to work on especially when you're the only employee

Are you a sole proprietor and you’re having trouble keeping up with day to day tasks?  Well If this sounds like you, open your business notebook get a pencil and let’s get started.  Organization is a very important skill to work on especially when you’re the only employee.  As a business owner you are the customer service/support person, shipping and receiving, business development, financial officer…and all other duties as assigned.  Today, I will introduce you to a simple tasks that when you remain consistent this process will provide you with loads of detail and history about your organization.

Pick a day to have a meeting, record meeting minutes.  These meeting minutes will be needed in case you decide to apply for certifications like HUB, SBA, M/WBE.If you are not familiar with the acronyms I listed above….research them and use that information as your first meeting.Even if you’re a sole proprietor, this process will help you to stay on task, document growth in your business and serve as legal documents to prove that you’ve applied for certifications, emailed business contact, processed tax forms etc.

If you need assistance creating templates, questions or you don’t know where to start.  Book me for a session and we can get started on your new business venture!

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