Business Tip #3 – No Capital Conversation

Often designers will give you discounts or barter their services to help you.

How do you start a business with not much capital?

Capital (money) is always important when building a business.  Capital also can be relationships that you build with other business owners.  

Option #1

I suggest that you create a business meeting for your organization, in this meeting list the services and products you need to create and determine the services that you can complete yourself and note the services/products that need to be outsourced.  

Option #2

Search your local social media sites Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for up and coming photographers, graphic designers who need portfolio work for their business.  Often designers will give you discounts or barter their services to help you.  

Option #3

Join meet up groups in your area for new business owners, contact your local Chamber of Commerce.   The Chamber of Commerce often provide free to low cost podcast and mentoring opportunities

Option #4

If you have a 401k you may need to borrow funds for your business and create a plan to pay it back

Option #5

Save money weekly starting with $10 a week and increase in $5 increments until you have the money needed to purchase required business equipment and supplies.

This list of options is not exhaustive, however it is a start to locating service providers, ways to get money without borrowing and saving your own money to build your empire.

If you need assistance with locating providers for service and have questions specific to your organization and business plan, please contact me for coaching!

Stay Safe and Stay Connected,


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