Can You Forgive God?

My sisters and brothers It’s time to forgive God.

Today I stumbled on a post to an article on my YouTube homepage, where Vanessa Bryant, the widow of Kobe Bryant, posted two pictures of her late daughter and a fan commented that she is amazed how she is handling her grief. The fan continued to state that she cannot forgive God because of the losses of loved ones. Vanessa then reveals she has not forgiven God either.

This statement from Vanessa hit home because on February 14th, 2021, which was Valentine’s Day, God had revealed to me through a Daily Reading written by Christine Caine that I have unforgiveness in my heart towards God and needed to forgive Him. Being someone who has experienced many trauma and losses in my life this revelation shocked me because I go to church, I serve the homeless, I know and have experienced the power of God in my life, God have always provided for me, He has always made a way for me but yet I could not forgive Him. Deep down I blamed Him for the things that were done to me and ultimately did not trust Him.

The first step in my healing journey is that I have to forgive, but where do I start, how do I go about doing this? First thing that I did was accept the truth that I did harbor unforgiveness and I wanted to be free. So, I reached out to people for help and asked for prayer and guidance and this was when God started to reveal different things that happened to me that caused the start of resentment in my heart for God. I made in mind a graven image of God (which is a form of idolatry)thinking that things should be like this and not like that, God should do this for me, God should answer my prayer right away, I shouldn’t experience any pain or hurt ever in my life. All these imaginations were just that, imaginations. Plus, they were not rooted in scripture which is why the Bible says to cast down all imaginations.

I commend Vanessa Bryant for her strength for saying something that so many people right now are feeling, but don’t have the courage to say it out loud or they deny that this is the way they actually feel.


My sisters and brothers It’s time to forgive God.

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