Care Through Food

Feeding yourself well is a simple way to show yourself some love and care every day. Unfortunately, fast food options have robbed many of us of the pleasure of a regular homecooked meal regularly. I would encourage you to take some time to cook a delicious meal that makes you feel good and nourishes your body.  Shopping, prepping, and cooking make for a powerful show of self-love and self-care.  You may be thinking, opening up a can of soup is about the most I can do when I get home from a hard day of work.  Or, who’s got time to cook every day?  But I promise you when you make time to learn one new, simple, nourishing recipe a week and in a couple of months, you will have a roster of tasty dishes that make you feel amazing. Just compare the difference in how you feel the next time you make something wholesome from scratch with fresh ingredients to when you buy something on the run.  There is a balancing act to eating well.  When mastered, it will help you stay mentally well. It is important to care about what you put into your body, too, because it affects not only you but those around you. Don’t think about just filling your empty stomach by grabbing something easy–think about nourishing and honoring yourself through food that does you good!

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