Career advice

The fear of  losing a job is real. Covid 19 has let everyone see the reality of a job loss and uncertainty with income and status. So take a deep breath. Realize that while ego wants you to dump that no good job, life is dictating otherwise. Know that as an adult, it is your responsibility to keep not only food on your table but to keep a roof over your head. These are now priorities in addition to keeping yourself safe during this time. 
Now is not the time to dump a job to become an entrepreneur. Now is the time to make attitude adjustments, see the glass as half full instead of half empty and to take it one day at a time. Use this time to start to really get real with yourself about what you really want for your life. Decide. Make a choice. Do it. 
Until the next time… Ms. Sophie

written by Sophie Wells 05/07/20

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