Career Challenges……..Just A Test

Career challenges come in many forms.  Sometimes it is a micromanaging leader, gender or race discrimination, ostracism, poor communication and lack of adequate feedback from leadership.  Every career challenge that you are experiencing is presented to grow you personally and professionally.  There are many instances when those challenges just feel overwhelming and they seem as if they are meant to break you.  Let me encourage you to open your mind to view the challenges in a different way.  Consider the possibility that the frustration, challenge and overwhelming tasks are getting you ready for the next big professional opportunity, sharpening your communication skills, increasing your self-control, and improving your ability to manage the capacity of the work in front of you.  Please understand that every challenge that you may be facing professionally is preparing you for your future greatness.  There will be times that you have to step back from the problem to get a better perspective, seek council external to the work environment to help you see the situation more clearly or make a decision that removes you from the environment permanently.   Whatever action that you need to take should be thoroughly evaluated and executed with precision.  Stay strong and purposeful in your steps.  I would be honored to work with you along your path to professional growth, development and success.  


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