Career choices

It's time to pivot into a career that will outlast the current crisis.

Growing up we were taught the example of success means having an office with a view on the top of the building. Or we believed owning a business would protect us from any economic problems. Given the state of the economy in 2020 and the economic crisis, we are facing it is time to reevaluate current choices and plan for future decisions. Never did we think that our almost our entire system of doing business would shut down, but it has and we need to rebound. ¬†So let’s talk about a new career, that can help you survive a crisis.

Let’s take a look at one career choice and how we can help it to survive in a crisis. ¬†Graphic artist, your work is beautiful and expressive and your ad company has shut down because brick and mortar stores are not having sales and they do not need design services for their campaigns. Pivot your services to utilities, water agencies, electric and gas companies will always need graphic art services. In times like these they create more ads, they publish more articles, they record more videos¬†

This is one example of how to pivot. Set up an appointment and I can help you develop strategies to pivot into a career that will survive.

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