Career Crossroads

Navigating the roadblocks that are creating your Career detour during this National crisis

Hello everyone!

Today marks the day you get to take a look at your Career and access where to go from here. Unbeknownst to us, things have taken quite a turn and the unemployment rate has soared to new heights.
You know, I speak a lot about mindset and how to use your power to benefit your circumstance. Career wise there is great opportunity to do just that!
How so? Let’s explore…

Use this crisis as a key detour to look at where you are professionally. Think deeply about your current location and if it’s meeting your needs. Two great questions to ask yourself: *Am I right where I need to be and can’t wait to get back to normal with work? *Or do I feel a shift and a tiny twinge of relief to try my hand at a new career? When faced with a detour, we must go another way. We’ll still get to our destination just not how we planned. As you are taking the curves of this new road, ask yourself these questions and give yourself time to answer.
***Based on the above, if this detour leads you towards wanting to take an EXIT, choose your next road carefully. Making major professional decisions based on emotion alone can be hazardous. To avoid reaching a professional dead end, be sure to factor what the alternative choice to current career includes. *For example, does your current role offer benefits that the new role will not? *Are you able to transition smoothly from one position to the next without an even bigger drop in income than you may be experiencing now? To hone in on the facts, create a list. I mentioned emotions earlier, and while it is absolutely key to use them within your decision making process, the facts won’t change and you’ll have them as the primary tool. Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle, on one side at the top write FACTS on the other write FLAWS. List out everything your current and perspective role has that is a solid fact…Now, under flaws, for each fact list a possible drawback or downside to it. *Example- Fact: the new role has a high demand for workers and I can apply right away– Flaw: I may not be able to easily transition because I don’t have the exact experience yet the role requires. Once you write it all out, put the list away. Revisit it after some time has passed,maybe a few hours later. When you look at it again with fresh eyes, read aloud every fact compared to every flaw and highlight or circle the winner. Do the facts outweigh the flaws or vice versa? At the end of your list look back to see who’s won! More circles under facts? Great! You can now consciously consider the EXIT. More under Flaws? Awesome! Now you can realistically view your current role and as a springboard to get you where you’d like to be in time.

Lastly, with your list in your hand, pause…stop and reflect on how far you have come to make it to where you are. Think about how you got here. Whether by circumstance or by persistence and work ethic, one thing is true…you are HERE. You are at the point in your Career where you are analyzing and rationalizing on what will be best for you. That is no small achievement, be proud of yourself and allow yourself to appreciate the power you hold. Your Career is in your hands and the path is lined with possibility and promise.
I wish you must success, please feel free to reach out to me via email- or on my website at to discuss more about your Career Crossroad and how I can assist!

Thank you for your time!
Coach Teena Marie 

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