Carmen Mentor Life Coach: Part 2: How i can help you

HOW i can offer you support, advice, understanding and assistance in the following Coaching Fields & Categories:

Love, Dating, Relationships, Couples, Engaged, Marriage, Rebound, Online Dating

– should i tell them what i am looking for in a partner

– when or if i should tell them i am waiting until marriage

– when or if i should tell them about my previous partners and what they did

– become able to figure out all the things i would want in a partner

– how can i find out and separate my standards, my needs, my expectations and my preferences

– what truly matters when i choose a partner

– dating down, hypergamy, the logic behind them and why they serve me no good

– how to express my feelings, show i care and make them happy

– how to communicate without arguing

– buying gifts – what to do and not to do

– does he / she really love me and care for me or just wants to have me and what i got to offer

– rebound and quickly starting a new relationship after the previous one

– friends with benefits – are there any benefits

– online dating – what should i expect, dangers, red-flags & scams

– what to do and not do as girlfriend / engaged / married

– living together before marriage: if i do it, do it correctly

– he talks about or mentions marriage but no action

– what changes with engagement

– is marriage “just a piece of paper”

– long-distance relationships

– relationships of different races, religions and age gaps

– what really matters in a relationship

Singles, Situationship, Break-Up, Ex-Lover, Divorce, Divorcee, Married But Separated

– how to be happy while single

– benefits of being single

– why can’t i meet a good man / woman

– where and how to meet people like me

– why am i being approached by people that are not what i want

– learn the red flags and how to spot them so that i won’t waste time and feelings

– how to avoid heartache and problems as much as possible

– high value person vs high quality person

– why and how to be strong and not settle

– why i keep getting hurt and how to avoid it

– in what percentage and areas should my partner be equal or similar to me

– waiting for the perfect complete package person, do they exist?

– important things to check before investing in a relationship

– what is the best foundation for a relationship and how to have it

– is he / she genuinely good or they are just playing a role

– dating for potential

– when or whether should i ask “what are we?”

– he says he’s not ready for a relationship: the truth

– “you’re too independent”, “you’re out of my league”, “you deserve better” translations

– on & off, “i need some space”, “let’s take a break”, “it’s me, not you” translations

– signs they are hiding something or lying

– should i be worried about his / her “just” friend or colleague

– let it fly or dealbreaker

– difference between being kind & understanding and being a doormat

– when they appreciate your kindness vs when they are taking advantage of it

– when enough is enough + signs you need to move on

– 72 hour rule, 14 days rule, no contact rule

– separations, is divorce a sin

– how do i get my man / woman back

– is he / she sorry for hurting me

– does he / she regret losing me

– how to make him / her realize they lost a good one

– should i forgive him / her or accept them back

– why did they really come back and signs to watch out for

– when to keep trying and when it’s time to move on

– how to have the closure you need

– getting over someone and healing

[to be continued]

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