Cast Your Cares On Him!

Having peace doesn't mean anxiety didn't ask for an invitation into your heart. It's you ignoring the call and choosing not to believe it's lies. It's believing God when he says don't worry about tomorrow because it's already taken care of.

Panic attacks visited me so often in 2017, I was put on anxiety medication for a few months. My body was constantly in fight or flight!


I didn’t feel secure. I had lost everything my stability was in and had to start over from scratch. 


I’ve been walking this self-love journey faithfully since 2018. Prayer and meditation helps me to stay balanced along with self-care. 


When anxiety comes knocking on the 💗🚪door of my heart, I get still and remind myself that God will NEVER leave me and that ALL is well and I AM safe!🧘‍♀️


Let not your heart be troubled. Give yourself permission to acknowledge the fear and then release your concern over to our Heavenly Father who will hold you and shower you with His love!


Affirm this over and over and let it settle within!!


🗣”Out of this situation only good will come! All is well and I am safe!” 


This is a quote I got from Louise Hayes  that helped me stay calm and not overreact in many situations. God’s got you! Speak it until you believe it! Do what you have to do for your peace!


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