You Can Write and Publish


Are you a writer whose works are hiding away on your computer, in notebooks, or in your mind?  You’ve been writing for years, just waiting to be brave enough to put yourself out there.  Well, you can do it.  There’s no one stopping you, but yourself!  Just do a quick online search and see what’s […]



 Practicing Patience  Patience is a virtue, and practicing this virtue does not come easy for your girl. What makes it even worse? We literally need to practice patience in all aspects of life. GREAT. I believe this is my year to be more intentional with practicing. Everyone should try, especially living in our microwave society. […]


“Everybody is not your friend” – Every Black Mom on the planet I know we secretly shake when our parents are right. The statement holds a lot of rank, especially when conducting business. Authors, your book may require a lot of collaboration. Typically, you’re in constant communication with the publishing company, printing company, and illustrator. […]

Standards for Self

It’s always good to set standards for yourself while creating your book. In my opinion, the questions you have for yourself can greatly influence your creating process, and how you collaborate with others. Here are some questions you should ask yourself moving forward  Why is this story important and who needs to hear? What expectations […]



Get out your head. What if it works?

Author Photo shoot


Shot by: Akeem Brandon

Locd In

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A story for young black girls going through their loc journey. A story about discovering hair pride and confidence. Loc’d In is a children’s books that promotes diversity/representation, and shines light on a journey that should always be celebrated……Loc’d hair.

Just Write!


What are you waiting on to start your writing journey?  Someone needs to hear your story!  Someone needs to read your blog!  Someone is waiting on you.  There’s no reason for you not to start.  Begin where you are and grow from there.  No more excuses and no more procrastination! I’m here to help you […]

Divine Transformation

Live life on purpose and walk in your purpose 

Integrity, Making positive choices, and Delayed Gratification


Thinking through your choices to help get the best results.