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When we submit to God as our Father, He reveals Himself in so many amazing ways. He is the one who rests, rules, reigns, abides, throws His weight around when necessary, yet encourages, keeps, loves us, and makes sure we get through the difficult days.

Flexibility Challenged Mind: An Autistic Flow


There is no one way to support the Autistic brain. Grace is important for you and the child before, during, and after the chosen intervention.

Autism Radio Interview

 I was recently interviewed by Autism Radio! Check it out! HSD Show #385

Autism Parenting Summit

Our friends at @autismparentingmagazine are hosting the #AutismParentingSummit. Created for parents of children on the #autism spectrum, this virtual event is packed full of expert speaker sessions helping attendees in the areas that matter most. Get your FREE pass today!