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 ” Tonya Raymond’s Dear God’s Daughter is a full one – it’s the real deal. This book will really take you through.” – Tony Gaskins Author, Life Coach, Speaker Dear God’s Daughter Words of True Love When False Love Fails featured on Talks With Tony –

“Broken Hearts and New Beginnings: The Lessons of Breakups”

This post reflects on the lessons that can be learned from breakups. It explores how breakups can be opportunities for self-reflection and growth, teaching us about our strengths, weaknesses, and what we want and need in a relationship. The post encourages readers to embrace the discomfort and trust in the journey of discovering new beginnings.

Client Testimonial

My mindset used to be very negative but now my mindset is more positive. I’m aware of what’s causing my issues and now I can work on it. Also, I know I always have God to turn to.

Client Testimonial

  I learned a lot about myself and the areas I need to work on. The coaching also pushed me closer to God which is what I really needed.  


Rejection is protection! 

Starting Over

It’s better to start over then to continue a broken cycle. 

Blessing in disguise ….


Blessing in Disguise …

Walk Away…


We disrespect ourselves when we stay in a relationship that isn’t serving us any good.

The Man Of Your Dreams Is Coming!


The man of your dreams is searching for you while you’re wasting time with the man of your nightmares.    Tears of heartache will turn to tears of joy and happiness when you finally decide you’re done.   Creating standards and stepping up to those standards will aid you in making your dreams come true. […]

Don’t let a break up hender you !

Don’t ever let a breakup hender you, i know that breakups can be tough but things do happen. But that’s okay . Use that breakup as a life lesson of what not to do again or except