What closure is about?


Closure is about accepting the end and moving forward, not waiting for the other person’s approval for you to move on.

Seeking for closure


Seeking closure can be a challenging but necessary step towards healing, and moving on from a past relationship! By accepting that the relationship is truly over, you can begin to let go of any lingering emotions and focus on your own personal growth and well-being.

Closure is acceptance


Closure can be elusive, but by accepting that the relationship is over and taking steps to move forward, you can find peace in letting go.

Embarking upon closure


Finding closure can be a difficult and elusive process, but it is possible by accepting the end of the relationship and taking proactive steps towards healing and growth. This may involve seeking support from friends and family, engaging in therapy, or practicing self-care. By taking these steps, you can find peace in letting go of […]

The end of a relationship


The end of a relationship can be a bummer, but it’s also a time for personal growth and new beginnings. Put on your big girl/boy pants, surround yourself with good people, and don’t forget to laugh along the way. You got this!

Transform closure into growth


Transform closure into growth, by embracing change and focusing on healing and self-love!

Getting through the stages of break ups

The dreaded break up stages. When you felt you found your person and dedicated your life to one person and as time goes on, you realize it will not work and do not want to leave because it’s comfortable or various other reasons. I have been there, I believe everyone in their lives at some […]

Embracing New Experiences: Shedding Old Mindsets for a Life You Love


Our minds are powerful instruments that shape our reality. To experience a life you love, it’s essential to shed old mindsets and limiting beliefs that hold you back. Challenge negative thoughts, cultivate a new mindset, and adopt beliefs that empower and uplift you. Let go of self-doubt, fear of failure, and the need for perfection. Embrace the belief that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.

Starting again from Experience


Steps towards Joy and Peace

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