Are You Dating Insecure?


Today’s blog post “Are You Dating Insecure?” was inspired by an interaction I experienced this week as I was preparing to leave the place where I was that I call spotlighting…

~You cannot expect a man to see you as confident, when you tell him and show him through your actions and reactions that you’re insecure.~ Coach Sam

Benefits of Having Standards


Deciding on your standards is a time to reflect on who you are, what you need, and what you want. Going through the process of establishing standards alone is good for helping you get to know who you are. It is also a good method for setting the tone for a healthy relationship. One of […]

Are You Waiting for Him to Change?


“Are You Waiting on Him to Change?” is today’s blog post inspired by a questioned asked in a mentoring lunch and learn session, which made me think about how often as ladies we wait and hope for a man we’re interested in to change, when we shouldn’t. And in this blog post I discuss 5 reasons why it’s a bad idea to wait on any man you’re interested in to change.

~Waiting on a man to change is the equivalent of waiting on something that may never be because his reality may be change is not necessary for him to be.~ Coach Sam

Are You Still Calling Your Ex?


Today’s blog post “Are You Still Calling Your Ex?” poses the question of why and gives insight to why when our relationship is over, especially when us Queens said the guy was no good, we should not still be calling our ex.

~When both you and your ex still hold the same thoughts, opinions, and ideas on what a relationship and marriage should be, then going back means you’re both signing up in your present to repeat and relive the failures and frustrations of your past because you refuse to abandon what you already know didn’t work.~ Coach Sam

Do You Want Revenge?


Today’ s blog post “Do You Want Revenge?” is inspired by Joel Osteen’s Dealing with Difficult People Sermon. As I listened to it, I thought about the many instances in my own life when I wanted to take matters into my own hands and how important it is to know what is and is not worth our time.

~To want revenge or to clapback at an ex who did us wrong is a reality that many of us face at some point in our life, but its not worth our time because our time is an investment we should spend in places and spaces with people who matter, especially to our destiny.~ Coach Sam

Dont settle

Its better to wait for the right one then to keep dating the wrong one’s because when the right one comes you may not be ready for them. 

Do You Know What You Want?


The idea for today’s blog post “Do You Know What You Want?” came to mind after speaking to my mom about why it’s challenging to identify your purpose when your confused about what you want.

~If you don’t know what you want, you’ll spend your life investing time doing things that take you in the wrong direction, going places that don’t matter, and aligning yourself with people you shouldn’t.~ Coach Sam

Is Your Talking Purposeful?


Today’s blog post “Is Your Talking Purposeful?” was inspired by my own life. As I sat listening to others explain why they believe certain phrases are abrupt or come across as rude in conversations it made me think about how often people speak and don’t speak for the sake of purpose and at same time how people can speak with purpose and the person(s) they spoke to missed it.

~If you’re talking isn’t purposeful then at its core you are building a relationship that won’t weather the storms of life.~ Coach Sam

What Are You Attracting?


How men approach you makes all the difference in attracting a worthy partner.   🛑 do you know the signs to look out for?   🥴 can you decipher the game players from the husband material types?   💔 do you low-key like a bad boy?   Welp, I do 🙋🏾‍♀️! Learning how to spot […]

Was Your Relationship Meant to End?


Today’s blog post “Was Your Relationship Meant to End? was inspired by a statement from Dharius Daniels as I listened to a sermon he preached in which he stated… Some relationships were destined to grow apart others were not and did not have to grow apart but they grew apart because we didn’t do our part!…

~If your relationship ended it’s your job to understand why not cry because the King appointed some folks to pass by to help identify that you already had the ability to fly.~ Coach Sam