You just hate looking at yourself in the mirror!


So many women Hate their Bodies, are you scared to look at yourself in the mirror?

If you’re putting more effort on the outside of you then you are on the inside of you, then you’ll doing absolutely nothing.⁣

If you’re putting more effort on the outside of you then you are on the inside of you, then you’ll doing absolutely nothing.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣Over performing at work during the day is not an achievement when it robs you of your energy for a date night. 💔⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Giving a trillion volunteer hours at church […]

You know your job but how well do you know you?

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣You might’ve seen other successful women cut out their feminine side and you thought that’s what YOU needed to do to succeed.⁣

Softness = Strength

She’s had to do many hard things alone, which has strengthened her to the point she has forgotten her true strength rests in her softness.  Stay soft beautiful, no matter the outside struggle! 🤎

Femininity 🤍

Ladies, when we’re wounded we subconsciously attempt to self protect—this by nature produces a masculine energy. To find freedom in our femininity—forgiveness must take place. 🌺 Coach Li 

Self Care is a practice


Hello! Im glad you stopped by, and today I’m talking about self care. I consider self care to be acts of service for yourself. These continual habits help you to maintain a quality life. Its important to set time to be gentle with yourself.  Below are a few common self care habits  you can incorporate […]

Femininity And The Ideas OF Excellence It Involves Is Significant For Melanated Women’s Self-Appreciation And Feelings OF Significant Worth


As a woman, I perfectly understand how you feel overwhelmed, confused, and unsure of how to balance your life. I understand how you feel like something is missing even though you know what you want, and you think you know how to get it. Do you know your beliefs, behaviors, ambitions, thoughts, careers, attitudes, social life, way of relating with the opposite sex and a lot more all must be embraced?
Every woman has for a moment thought “I am the ugliest woman in this city” and has for another moment thought “I am the most beautiful woman in this city”. Why? This is due to the way of thinking; it depends on what you think about yourself. Do you embrace yourself or you most times depress yourself because of what you think, believing that you are weak and can do nothing?

Do something just for you today


Self care is most important!

The Taboo Phrase: Being Submissive


So often people confuse the phrase, “being submissive.” It is usually thought of as a woman always on her knees following her man’s commands. However, it really boils down to using common sense. Remember, when your parents told you to obey your elders. Well, they also talked to you about strangers and how not to […]

New Age Femininity


I bet when you think of femininity you think of a woman in a dress and makeup 24/7 and behaving as if it’s 1950. Well, that is not so. Woman have fought so hard for so long to have equal rights as men that many times we forget to embrace the fact that it is […]