Fostering an Environment of Sin!!!


Perilous times are coming. And it is time to prepare. What was eye-opening to me was how she expounded on sin being a spirit. And the scripture that she gave to support this. The same one that I had not had a full understanding of until used in this context. With precise, cutting clarity. “If […]

The Metabolic Reset Challenge


What if in ONE single challenge you could unlock the pathway to jumping and staying off the weight-loss roller coaster… WITHOUT pills, grueling diets and workout plans, and other “remedies” that aim to treat symptoms instead of the root problem? ✅ Whether you’re just starting to get intentional about your health, OR ✅ Have been […]

Health and Wellness

5 Wellness Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become daunting when dealing with daily life activities. However, by making small changes to your lifestyle, you can create a lasting impact on your health and wellness. Wondering what changes are they? We have covered you with our list of the 5 most effective wellness tips for […]

Your Mental Space

We go about our days working, commuting, communicating, negotiating and networking eventually our brains need a break. I know some of you remember having brain breaks in school. Your teacher would see the class needs a moment so it would be time for a bathroom break, free time or they would turn on music. It […]

The Western Diet

The western diet is killing us.    This topic is covered by a really great documentary what the health.     Anyways, I’m here to warn you of the dangers of having your diet trends too closely aligned with the Western diet.    The western diet consist of prepackaged food, refined grains, red meat, processed meat, […]

Embracing Holistic Wellness


The Mind-Body Connection

Black Friday Specials!

  I hope you’re doing great and had a lovely Thanksgiving!    I have some Black Friday Specials that will help reduce stress and help you achieve your goals. 🙌🏾   1. n.o.w Tone Therapy System and  Use discount code AutismLove for 10% off.   2.My Life. My Thoughts. My World. Journal 🪄  […]

Positive Energy


protect your Energy in order to gain piece  instead use that energy towards something Positive

I can help you BREATHE again


Are you overwhelmed and battling with the feeling of being out-of-place and lonely on an “island of misfits” because you have been dimming your light because someone feels intimidated by your brightness? Do you change the way you interact because people say you are extra? Don’t lower your voice because people cannot accept your truth. […]

“I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.”

“I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.” –Tracee Ellis Ross